Willamette Valley Junior Honors Symphony

Auditions for JHS 2019-2020 will be held on September 17-19 at
Crescent Valley High School. Sign up for an audition HERE!


The Willamette Valley Junior Honors Symphony (JHS) was founded in 1985 by two public school strings teachers, Carol Huntington and Liane Ingalls, who wanted to provide middle school students with the opportunity to perform in a full symphonic ensemble. The program served a very real need in a community which enthusiastically supported music for children, and the program grew.

JHS is now under the aegis of the Corvallis Youth Symphony Association and has broadened its membership to include a wider age span. Typically, the orchestra has over 60 musicians from 6th-10th grade. Students audition in February, and rehearsals run February through April.


Auditions for JHS 2019-2020 will be held on September 17 – 19, at Crescent Valley High School from 5-9pm. For the audition, students should prepare a two-octave scale of their choice and 2-3 minutes of a solo piece. Sight-reading will also be a part of the audition.

Students in grades 6-10 who are string, wind/brass, and percussion players are invited to audition for JHS. Students should be dedicated musicians who want to be part of a fine ensemble and who will enjoy classical symphonic music. Students must be members of their school band or orchestra program in order to participate.

If students are only able to participate for the Spring JHS session, they should audition in the Spring only. Spring auditions will be held February 4-5, 2020. See Session dates below. 


The first session of JHS rehearsals will run on Tuesday nights, 7-8:30pm at Crescent Valley HS, from October 1 to December 3, 2019, culminating in a final concert on Sunday, December 8 at LaSells Stewart Center at 3pm. 

The second session of JHS rehearsals will run on Tuesday nights, 7-8:30pm at Crescent Valley HS, from February 18 to April 21, 2020, culminating in a final concert on Sunday, April 26 at LaSells Stewart Center at 3pm. 

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in BOTH sessions of the JHS season! Repertoire will be different for each session. However, if you are only available for one of the sessions, we will allow one-session participation. Auditions for Fall-session and to participate all year will be in September. Auditions for Spring-only participation will be in February. If you audition in September and participate all year, you do NOT have to re-audition in the Spring. 


In 2019-2020, JHS will have two sessions, culminating in concerts at the LaSells Stewart Center on these dates:

  • Sunday, December 8, 2019 at 3pm
  • Sunday, April 26, 2020 at 3pm


Tuition for JHS (both sessions) is $450 when paid cash/check and $465 when paid through PayPal/credit card. Please participate for both sessions if you are able to! 

If you are only able to participate for one session, tuition for ONE session only is $250 (cash/check) or $260 (PayPal/credit card). 

Financial aid is available for families with significant financial need (application required). 

If you have any other questions, contact the CYSA Orchestra Manager, Megan Anderson (anderson.megan.e.z@gmail.com). 

JHS Conductor: Jonathan DeBruyn

I am honored return for my second year as Conductor of the Junior Honors Symphony. I’ve spent most of my life in and around student orchestras. Growing up in a musical household, I was exposed to classical music from a young age. Playing music helped me get through some tough times, and has shaped me into the person I am today. Being in an orchestra is about more than having fun or receiving applause; it is about becoming part of something larger than yourself. I think that music matters, and it clearly is capable of transforming lives. I grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon. I studied violin at Portland State University with the incredible Carol Sindell, receiving a BM in 2016. I’m now finishing my master’s degree in Orchestral Conducting at the University of Oregon, and I was recently named Conducting Fellow with the Eugene Symphony. I’ve performed as a violinist with many local orchestras, including the Portland Columbia Symphony, the Newport Symphony, and the Eugene Symphony. I’ve conducted as far as Canada, Poland, Austria, and the Czech Republic. In my free time I enjoy drawing, reading, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I look forward to meeting all of you!