Joe Dody

A word from our Executive Director, Joe Dody!

Joe DodyLife’s journey sometimes takes us to unexpected places. To be honest, I am surprised, but pleasantly so, to find myself leading a youth orchestra association. Before you panic, let me assure you that, while I’m not qualified to conduct a concert or teach music, I am an experienced organizational leader.

My initial connection to CYSA was through my daughter Kelsey, who just finished her first year of college. Kelsey participated in CYSA orchestras starting in sixth grade. I observed how much she enjoyed and grew from those experiences.

A few years ago I was recruited to CYSA’s volunteer board as the Personnel Chair. I soon learned that my tenure would coincide with an important leadership change for the organization. CYSA founder Charles Creighton, began a multi-year transition to retirement after 30 years as Conductor, Music Director, and Executive Director. As Personnel Chair I played a key role in facilitating the transition to new leaders and leadership models.

My experience serving on the board was fun and deeply fulfilling. I enjoyed working side-by-side with other committed parents, students, community members, and staff toward our shared goal of preserving the treasure we have in CYSA.

As Executive Director, I look forward to continuing my journey with CYSA. I invite you to engage with me and even to join the team – providing our kids and community truly exceptional arts and life experiences and broadening CYSA’s program offerings for years to come.

Joe Dody